Spiritual Fathering

“I commit to seeing my son’s or daughter’s overall life, have vision for their destiny, honestly assess the character or soul issues that could keep them from reaching their potential, as well as fanning all the wonderful things that make them who they are.  I search their past for the things that will have them rooted in orphan mindsets, assist them in critical decision making, soul healing, and developing kingdom theology about their destiny. I open doors or create bridges they can relationally walk across toward greater actualization of the Legacy they will leave behind on the earth when they transition to the next dimension.” -Pops

What is spiritual parenting?

You're probably are already doing it or can.

Join us on the adventure of discovering the heart of a father, mentor, and guide as we explore coming alive and becoming who you already are!

About Pops

Spiritual Fathering for over 20 years, Eric Waterbury has had an influence on many lives for the better.  Through EpicLife and world changers, individual life coaching, and fathering, there is a palpable legacy you can sense in his presence and those around him.

“I just started giving what I didn’t receive growing up, but wished that I have had, I didn’t actually realize what I was doing until years later…”     -Pops


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